The Only Solar Generator You Will Ever Need

Solar Generator For House, power outages or the just having the peace of mind that you have back-up power should be enough to motivation for you to set yourself down and come to grips with the fact that you need back-up power.

But, what, how and where? In the past people have installed diesel generators or gasoline ran generators as back-up power. And, let’s face it, there hasn’t really been much of a choice. If you wanted back-up power you was stuck with door number one, or door number two…and there isn’t much of a difference. Either way you would have to stock pile fuel or you’d be stuck changing the fuel in the tank every so often so the generator would actually run when you needed it most.

Take me for an example: I have had back-up generators most of my life. And, I’ve always chosen the gasoline ran one’s. Not that I thought they were better than the diesel ran one’s, I just never liked the smell of diesel, and for anyone that can relate to me you know what I am talking about. I don’t like the smell of gas either, but out of the two choices I chose the gasoline ran generators. And, for years I had the type that you’d have to go out, choke it, pull on the cord and hope and pray it ran, especially when you needed it. So, as a result it became one of my monthly chores…to make sure the back-up generator still ran with minimum effort. Let’s face it, if and when the lights ever go out during a black-out, or storm causing power outages the last thing you want is the back-up generator NOT working, because then the whole point of owning a back-up generator goes down the toilet.

Later I swapped the cord pulled generator for a real nice Honda, key start generator. WOW! What a difference. I’d go out ever so often choke it, turn the key and baby I was a happy camper. It was quieter, used less fuel, had less emissions coming out. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven…well till the next generation of generators came out.

You know the old generators, even my great Honda, the one problem with ALL of them is that they take fuel and that equates into money coming out of my pocket. What was I to do? Can’t have FREE power right? Wrong!

FREE POWER! What a concept! The moment I heard about a Solar ran Generator I was on it like flies on a pile of cow droppings! I couldn’t hardly believe it, but then like the Honda generator I couldn’t hardly believe it either…not till I owned one, and ran one.

I am hear as a testament that Solar Generators is the ONLY way to have back-up power. It’s FREE to run. Requires way less maintenance (no changing the oil, no starting it every so often to make sure it works, no cleaning filters). It is in my opinion the PERFECT BACK-UP GENERATOR!

It charges constantly when the Sun is out. Once it is fully charged, it stays charged and lasts for up to 25 years! There is NO, I mean NO maintenance. NO I mean NO cost to operate! Heck I don’t know what else to say about this great piece of technology. I love it! I think that any person wanting to help reduce emissions and at the same time provide security to their family this is by far the best piece of advice I can give. GET A SOLAR GENERATOR!

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