Considering Relocation? Why Not Miami?

In life at one point or other, we all want to relocate somewhere else. The reason behind the want to relocate ranges from looking for better opportunities to seeking more adventurous life. If relocation is on your mind then read on to know why Miami architects could be perfect for you.

Miami is a city in Florida State in the U.S, located on the Atlantic coast; it is one of the most populated cities of south eastern America. Miami caters to action-oriented visitors from around the world offering some of the world’s top golf, tennis and sporting facilities and training centers. Presence of sparkling water works as a magnet for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, divers and water sports lovers. Once voted America’s healthiest city by Natural Health Magazine, Miami has long been considered by many as a preferred city to relocate and it is not difficult to see why:

Miami experiences Tropical monsoon climate, which generally means that summers are hot and humid while winters tend to be short, dry and warm. The reasons affecting its climate are its sea level elevation, coastal location, proximity to Gulf Stream and presence of Tropic of Cancer just south of Miami. August tends to be the hottest month while January is coldest, with average high temperature round the year being 83.2 F. Miami experiences great winters, with temperature averaging 60 F. Miami has never experienced decent snowfall, but only once recorded flurries way back in 1977. Miami is considered to be one of the wettest places in the U.S, with the wet season beginning sometime in May lasting through mid-October, with much of the year’s 55.9 inches of rainfall occurring during this period.

Considered to be a beach paradise, Miami is a hit among beach lovers. Not so much of an attraction to surfing enthusiasts, Miami beaches offer serene, mellow and warm crystal clear ocean water to go with white beach sand. Absence of strong waves may discourage surf lovers from visiting these beaches, but they come as a great plus point for those who do not like to swim at a beach overcrowded with surfers. Miami beaches offer a great range of activities to the beach lovers; these include parasail, wind surf, water ski and kayak among others. Some of the most famous beaches of Miami are South Beach, Lummus Park Beach, 85th Street Beach, Crandon Park Beach and Matheson Hammock Park Beach.

Miami without doubt is a melting pot of diverse cultures. The diversity in culture shows in restaurants and entertainment. Though not many are aware of it but Miami is also nicknamed “Capital of Latin America” with majority of residents speaking Spanish. The University of Miami has constantly been praised for being number one in Race/Class Interaction by the Princeton Review all over the U.S.

Other reasons why one might want to relocate to Miami is because it is one of the cleanest, richest and most urbanized cities in the U.S. Properties in Miami are sure to excite home buyers, ICON Brickell condos is one such example of thoughtfully designed luxury condos located on the glittering edge of Biscayne Bay.

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