Commercial Carpet Cleaning – How the Pros Do It

In the carpet Haushaltsauflösung Berlin industry, there is a lot of fights amongst the companies. All of them are trying to be the first in the branch, which adequately provides a high competition. Sometimes the work of the carpet cleaners can involve a lot of difficulties. As any commercial cleaning employees that have to be available in the day, sometimes they are required to take night shifts and even work in the weekends. However, none of these professionals can survive in the cleaning industry without a handful amount of cleaning techniques. Here, in this article I can present you some of them, such as carpet steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, quick dry carpet cleaning and spot cleaning.

This method is widely used nowadays. It involves setting up of a steam cleaning machine that uses vacuum and cleaning solution. It looks like a bigger vacuum cleaner, but its technology is kinda different. It releases cleaning solution and steam deep into the surface of the carpet. However, one of its disadvantages is that it leaves the carpet moisten, no matter the dry pass of the area with the wand. This particular method is good for offices and also areas with tight spaces. The carpet has to dry for a few days after the procedure.

Again a machine is involved in this method, as the carpet steam cleaning. However, the machine is called floor buffer, also known as rotary floor machine. To successfully use this machine, mix carpet shampoo using the manufacturer’s manual. You can also make a pre-treatment with a vacuum cleaner, so any solid debris and dirt can be cleaned. This will ease the machine’s cleaning efforts. You should note that this cleaner should be moved in circular motion, when the shampoo is released and back-and-forth, when you are proceeding to the next area. This method is good when it comes to heavy polluted areas, like a traffic path or building entries.

This is not a type of cleaning actually, but more like a good preparation. The spot cleaning involves a handful amount of different chemical cleaners on hand. It is a must for every professional to have rust, gum and, of course, all-purpose spot removers. You never know what type of pollution you are going to face, so better be prepared, especially if you are claiming to provide good carpet cleaning service.

This method is very similar to the shampoo cleaning. It actually uses the same machine, but it just requires different set of attachments and tools. The dry carpet cleaning is especially useful when it comes to quick and complete cleaning of any commercial area. It is widely used in busy places and by hotels, as they need fast and efficient cleaning to keep up with their work. The actual procedure involves an attachment called bonnet pad. It looks like a flat and round mop and it does the cleaning. A cleaning solution is also used and it is poured into the cleaning machine. However, a pre-treatment should be performed in order to increase the cleaning results. This tip goes not only for carpet cleaning, but many other cleaning tasks.

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