4 Top Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

It’s 6 months since you put up your Jupiter architects for sale, but you are yet to make the sale. You are almost giving up, right? If your house has been in the market for long enough and you have been having bad luck, chances are that there is something that you are doing wrong. Here are 4 reasons why your house isn’t selling:

This is one of the top reasons why many house owners don’t sell their houses soon enough. It’s normal to have emotional attachment to your house thus feel that the house is worth too much. To avoid having your house on the shelves for a long time, you should look your house in the buyer’s perspective. You should ask yourself whether you can buy the house at the listed price.

To set a realistic price to your house you should take a look at the prices at which the houses in your area are selling at. Here you need to take a look at the auction results in your area. It’s also wise to purchase the postcode report and you will be able to see the sales history over the last 1-2 years.

While it might be impressive and comforting to have your family photos on the wall, it’s most likely repelling the buyers. Remember that you are not selling the house to yourself-you are selling it to other people. To increase the chances of selling the house, you should get rid of all the personal items in the house.

There is no one who is going to buy your house if the roof is leaking or the walls need new paint. Research studies have shown that most homebuyers want to “unpack” without doing a lot of renovations and decorations. To be on the safe side you should fix your house and give it a great look.

When doing the renovations always remember that the first impressions last; therefore, you should not only pay attention to the inside of the house, you should also touch up the outside. This calls for you to fix the fence, landscape and other exterior features. Home studies have shown that houses sold by agents not only sell faster, they also sell at a higher price. The unfortunate thing is that good quality agents come at a higher price. Many homeowners tend to avoid the high agent prices by going for discount real estate agents.

Always remember that you get what you pay for; therefore, if you hire a cheap real estate agent, you will most likely get cheap services. For your house to sell fast, you should go for a certified and experienced agent. While you will pay a higher price, it will be worth it. These are some of the reasons why your house isn’t selling. By putting the given tips into action, you will not only sell your house fast, you will also sell it a higher price than you even anticipated.

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