How to Choose a Podcast Publishing Platform

Producing and publishing a best acim podcast website requires not only recording and uploading audio files to a web server, but also getting a web presence for the podcast. As part of it is also generating a podcast feed for the podcasts. This whole process may seem complicated but really if you go through it personally, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Add to the fact that right now there are a lot of integrated podcast publishing platform to choose from. It should be painless and easy. First and foremost, there are different types of podcast hosting platforms. The most common one is a typical web hosting platform. A blog software can be installed on this server to turn it into point and click podcast publishing platform.

An integrated platform such as in podcast hosting service integrates blog software with disk space and bandwidth, among other things. More sophisticated platform also includes metrics that are important for podcast advertising. Any web server should provide at least one way to upload and manage files. The most common is through File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or web based file manager, WebDAV file system or integrated file manager that comes with blog software.

2. Podcast site and page management Any web publishing platform will do this, but a blog solves the hassles and keeps you from handling HTML codes. If you know how to use email, you know more than enough to publish a podcast episode page using a blog. Another benefit of a blog as a publishing platform is that it is automatically archived, indexed by blog search engines and include an internal discussion for individual posts as well as remotely through trackbacking.

The final part of a podcast publishing platform is for generating podcast-compatible feed. Using blog software, this process is automatic. Many bloggers don’t know that they are generating a feed with their blog but this is the key to every podcast. For this reason, blog has become the most popular podcast publishing platform. With the one-click blog installation feature on most hosting accounts, now everyone can build a podcast blog easily.

After that, as a podcaster, all you have to do is just uploading the podcast file, typing episode notes, and specify the file you want to enclose as a podcast. Click publish, and you are done publishing the notes and also the podcast feed. That’s it. While you can take the hard ways to publish a podcast, a blog allows you to accomplish exactly this — perhaps with less errors than to do it manually — more easily.

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