Five Points to Help You Chose the Right Driving Course

So you’ve decided to learn to New York Fake driver’s license– and you want to learn quickly. But how do you decide whether a regular course (two or three lessons after work and at weekends, leading up to a test) or an intensive course, aka a ‘crash course’ (two weeks solid in the driving seat, then a test straight after) is right for you? There are some important factors to take into consideration:

Your existing responsibilities.
Are you in education, or in a full time job? If so and you finish at a reasonable time, or have regular free hours during the day (lunch breaks or study periods), then a regular course might suit you better, as your instructor can fit you in for the hours you are available for. But if you’ve got a holiday coming up, or if you’re simply foot loose and fancy free (aka, unemployed) then you might like to take the opportunity to learn intensively for two weeks to get it over and done with before you’re back at work or college.

Your theory test.
Have you passed it? If you’ve passed then well done – you can start on an intensive much sooner. If you’ve not even booked it yet but you’re considering taking an intensive course you should get on the phone and book your theory test as soon as possible. You can’t book your practical test without first having passed your theory. Once you’ve booked it, it’s worth having a few regular lessons whilst waiting to take it and then have a semi intensive in the run up to your practical test date. Don’t forget to revise!

Intensive course are often more expensive than learning regularly because the instructor has to invest such a lot of time and effort in your lessons. Don’t forget that it’s tiring for both of you to be in the car for long stretches of time. If your finances are a factor, it might be worth going for regular lessons, then a short 2 day course to get you up to scratch for the test.

The intensive course is stressful. It is tiring and often frustrating, and you won’t be so keen to practise outside of lessons as you might be if you learn regularly. However, many people find that they learn much quicker when the heat is on, and the pass rates tend to be high. If you don’t crack under pressure, then an intensive course may well be for you.

Your safety.
It’s easy to forget that a car is a dangerous machine. Although an intensive course can get you through your test, it is no substitute for the road experience you can get from regular lessons over a longer period of time. However this is easily remedied by taking the Pass Plus – a short six hour course after you pass your test which will make you a more experienced driver and can also bring down your insurance costs.

Learning to drive is one of the most important and useful skills you can have. Not only does being able to drive make life easier, it can also make all the difference to a job application. Without a driving licence you’re stuck relying on public transport and on the kind hearts of others; with a driving licence, the road is yours.

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