Types of Football Betting That You Should Know

Everybody loves football and it is fast becoming America’s favorite sport to watch. No wonder that millions of people want to wager on แทงบอลบุนเดสลิก้า. Football betting is so popular that a variety of bets had sprung up to increase the chances of winning and to make things more exciting. Check out the general seven types of it here:Straights – The simplest and most common type of bet placed in NFL and college football betting is the straight bet. In this instance the bettor is simply betting on which football team will win or lose the game. The team bet on must win by the pointspread that was given at the time the wager was placed. Unless specified otherwise,Types of Football Betting That You Should Know Articles the football betting odds for a straight bet are eleven to ten.Over / Under – Another relatively simple bet to make when betting football is an over/under bet. Placing an over/under bet means that you are betting on what the combined point total will be by the end of the football game. You can either bet on whether the actual number of points is going to be over or under the total.Money line – a money line bet only requires that the football team wagered on win the game. The money line that is read at the time the football bet is made is the money line you keep regardless of any future line movements.Parlay – parlays are a multiple form of football betting where a group of straight bets are placed, or totals are combined into one bet. Although all of your NFL and college football picks must win in order to collect on a parlay bet, this type of football betting offers an extra incentive for the bettor. The linesmaker offers extra money to a bettor that is able to correctly pick more than one game at a time. As a result, you can win large amounts of money when betting football with very limited risk.Teaser – teasers are similar to parlays in that they are multiple football bets combined into the same wager, and all of your picks must win in order to collect on this type of wager in football betting. The difference between a teaser bet and a parlay bet is that with a teaser bet you are allowed to add or subtract points in order to make the bet stronger.Halftime Wagers – half time wagers are bets made only on the outcome of a game or series scheduled to occur at some future date. The line offered for betting on football will either be a pointspread, money line, or a combination of both lines. The football bet placed applies only to the score of the half of the game specified.Future wager – a future wager made in football betting is a bet that is based on the outcome of a game or series scheduled to occur at some future date. A future wager is final and there are no refunds or switching of teams permitted at any time. Football betting odds may change on a daily basis, and all bets are considered action at the odds quoted at the time the future bet is placed.Having different types of ways to wager increase our opportunity ti win our bets – IF we know what we are doing. While these seven different types of wagers are not the only methods used in football betting, they are the most common kinds of bets placed. I definitely suggest that you stick on these seven only, because other than that, the types of bets can go crazy on the rules and might take your money out. If you are a beginner, I suggest you stick on the most common type which is the straight bets.

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