Top 10 Cool Online Physics Games

In the plenty of the talking tom hack, what I like most is the physics-based flash games. They are called physics-based games because they are based on the Box2D physics engine, which is an open source 2D physics engine for games.
They are really small flash games but they bring you a great world. Most of them have the good control practice, great levels design, amazing visual effects and awesome audio effects.

There are lots of excellent physics games and they are much more than 10. Here I picked up 10 physics games, maybe they’re not the best. But I believe they are the most classic physics games, You will have a great physics games world by playing these games.

You can review the walkthroughs or cheats for each game in the game playing page. Let’s get started with the trip!

Top 10: Perfect Balance 3

Perfect Balance 3 is the third version of the Perfect Balance collection games, it is a physical and mechanical balance puzzle game. You need to create the incredible balance with the irregular blocks in the so many levels. In the each level you will find some fixed fulcrum, the specified blocks are on the top of the screen. Drag the blocks with your mouse and release to get the balance.

The most interesting thing in this game is that there are many ways to get the balance, you can pass the level in your own way. When you finished all the blocks, the system will detect whether you get the balance. If success then a congratulations will come up.

The new added items in this version is gems. Keep the gems on the screen to unlock the next gem level. Gather more gems to make more points.

Top 9: Mini Train

Mini Train is a very relax physics-based puzzle game. You need to repair or extend the railway with the blocks to have the micro train moving to the end.

At the beginning of the game some blocks will fall down. You can use the mouse to drag the blocks to any place you wanted. Press start button to launch the train when ready, you will pass the level as long as the train arrive the terminal.

If your train get any harm or can not move forward, then you failed the challenge. Also please keep in mind you may destroy the train when you are dragging the blocks, so please be careful and avoid hitting the train.

Top 8: Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is a simple fun puzzle game with simple rules and simple goals. But from another perspective it is a complicated game with the physical rules and effects.

You can pass each level with the various different solutions, and you do not need to think like a physicist or engineer, you only need to know the common physics knowledge. Your goal is to have the specified target moving to the red area.

Click the gear at the top right of the screen to open props function bar, choose to mix and match a variety of props to make goals to move to the destination. You can choose the small wheel, chain rope, lever, etc. If you made a mistake, you can click X to remove the objects. You can save the work which you think is very good, also you can design levels for other players.

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