Things To Do Before Selling Your Mountain Bike

There are many things that should be done with that mountain e bike damen of yours when it comes time to sell it. When someone is looking to buy a pre-owned mountain bike they most likely want to buy a bike that still looks brand new and also works as if it has come right out of the factory. Although your bike may have some noticeable wear and tear on it, some things can be replaced while other things that can’t be taken care of should be brought to the attention of the buyer.

There are many things that you should consider looking at and also completing before you are ready to sell your mountain bike. I’m just going to point out a few things that I can come up with off the top of my head and I’m sure that as you read these pointers, you will be able to come up with more ideas so that you will be able to earn enough money when you sell your bike. Below I have come up with a checklist for you to follow as you get your bike ready to sell.

Before you start to clean your bike you should first look over your bike for any parts that look like they need to be replaced. Are your tires too worn and is there barely any tread left? Is the chain rusty or stretched out more than it should be? Is the chain rings and cassette ready to be switched out for new ones. Also look at the cables, bar grips, saddle, and anything else that you would want to be looking brand new if you were buying yourself a pre-owned mountain bike.

First remove both of your wheels from your bike as this will make it a lot easier to clean those hard to reach areas. Once you have done this, take on old rag and begin to wipe your entire frame with the rag and you may have to get your rag wet to make this easier. You should clean the entire frame, front fork, handlebars, suspension parts along with anything else that looks like it needs cleaning. Also, take a rag and clean the rims of the wheels and also the spokes. If you have the right tools, remove your cassette from your rear wheel and let it sit in a bowl of Simple Green Degreaser. Then after it has sit there for a while, remove the cassette from the degreaser, rinse it off with water and then let it dry before putting it back on your rear wheel.

Once your bike and wheels are clean, put the wheels back on and now it is time to clean the chain. If you happen to own a Park Tool Chain Scrubber and have any degreaser, that will come in handy for effectively cleaning the chain. Once that step is complete, you can now check to see if the chain shifts the way it should. If you own a bike stand, you will be able to this much faster. Turn the pedals clockwise with one hand and with the other hand shift through the gears to make sure that both the front and rear derailleur’s are working right. If not, you may have to adjust the limit screws to do this. Being that I’m not sure how to explain how to adjust the front and rear derailleur’s, or how to adjust the brakes on a bike, there are video’s on YouTube for that.

Be sure to check the wheels to see if they are true and anything else that you may think of. Also, you may want to pump up the tires to the correct tire pressure and also be sure the saddle is pointing directly straight. If you have any other questions before you are ready to sell your mountain bike you may want to even ask someone at your local bike shop for any last pointers. Now that you bike is all clean and it works brand new, take a clean paper towel or cloth and some Armor All and then proceed to give that bike of your’s that last finishing touch that it needs to give the frame, rims, spokes and other areas that glossy look that will make the bike stand out.

For an extra incentive for that mountain biker that is willing to buy your bike from you, it’s a great idea to give them a few extra items to help close the deal. Possibly a couple extra inner tube, maybe a water bottle cage and water bottle. If you are selling a high end bike, you may even want to give that person a shock pump for the front and rear suspension. If there is anything wrong with your bike that can’t be fixed like scratches, cable rub on the frame or anything else it is very important to be honest with the person that you are selling the bike to. Someone may still buy the bike from you if they know what is wrong.

I’m pretty sure that I have covered the main points regarding Things To Do When Selling Your Mountain Bike. Good luck in selling your mountain bike and once you do so, you’ll now have some extra money to help fund that next tricked out mountain bike that you are dreaming of.

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