The Gambling Trip

At the situs game slot online, things started out pretty good. We lost a little money to begin with, but when we were running low I hit the roulette table. I had tripled my money when Barb sat down next to me wanting to try a system she had heard about for the roulette table. So, I agreed to give it a shot. I ain?t going to explain the system, but each time you loose you double your bet. It is supposed to be foolproof, but I ain?t never found anything yet that was Mark proof.

I handed her some money and she bought some chips. Before I know it, she had $80.00 riding on one spin of the wheel. Now, that might not be a lot of money in your eyes, but to me it is about three trips to the beer can recycling place. The wheel spun and we both cringed and closed our eyes saying silent prayers to the ancient gods of gambling. When we peeked we found WE WON!!!!

Weeell, that gave us a little money to keep gambling with. So we took the money and started feeding it to the slot machines again. Jane had hit pretty good a couple of times. But, after dinner luck just didn?t go our way. Barb was broke (except for $20 she had in her pocket that she was hiding from us). Jane had a bucket of coins, but Barb kept snatching handfuls. I was so broke I could barely pay attention .

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, and I don’t remember in what order everything happened in, but we were walking thru the casino singing a lot of the time and walking down the stairs in arm in arm and in unison kicking our legs out like showroom girls, and tossing paper airplanes around the casino. We left the casino around 10 pm and decided to head to a place Barb had heard about.

The only problem was. She knew it was in Kansas City, but didn?t know where! So we go for a bunny ride. After getting a real good tour of the city, I finally gave in and stopped for directions. Being the man that I am, I wasn?t about to go ask. So, Jane and I sent Barb in. This was sort of a seedy side of town, so we kept a close eye on her as she walked into the quick shop.

Right before Barb walked out the door a young woman walks up to the car. She said “She’s in there asking my uncle bout how to get to this place and she ain?t understanding what he is saying cause he is talking fast.? (Barb walks up now.) This young woman continues (holding her brown paper bag with her bottle in it) “Y?all need to take your butt … oh.. pardon my language… take your butt that way (pointing)

on 9th Street, then turn left on whatever street, and then turn back on someother street”. Then, she pauses, looks at us for a second, and says… “Oh!! You be looking for them frigging rich folks clubs!!! Don’t get me wrong.. I like rich folks better than I do poor folks. A lot better!” She kept rambling on as Jane, Barb, and I started just cracking up. It was hilarious. Pretty soon her uncle came out of the quick shop and told her to quit bothering these rich folks and ran her off.

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