acim will go farther away from us as we read literature’s of life issues and apply the truth we got from them in our daily living. In books, we learn for the recorded life of others for they influence our lives, give us directions, enlighten our path, enliven our intuition, smoothen the road for us, lighten places, perfect our personality, inspire our hearts with hope and set before us good examples. They enlighten our intelligences.

It is unsafe to live your life in this day and age without the reading of good books. A good book is one of the greatest help in life. They help us a great deal in obtaining ideas, knowledge and information which when properly used benefits mankind. The reading of a life-enriching book is the cheapest and rewarding entertainment and counseling one can find because through reading and studying one accumulates other people’s experience, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom which they have spent great money and lifetime to acquire.

From the pages of a wonderful masterwork we tap into the genius of the successful, the philosophies and timeless truth of the rich and gain wisdom for higher living. No pleasure is as lasting as reading of good books. Sex, luxuries, cars, buildings, or exotic wine can never be equated to the advantage one gains from a good book. It widens your horizon.

A life- enriching book like ‘Overcoming the Challenges of Life’ is a tool you need to educate yourself, surmount difficulties, be an overcomer and a success in the race of life. The world’s greatest doers have been men and women who gave themselves to reading, studying and writing books. Good books are real. They contain the words of life. They tell the truth and conceal nothing. Reading supplies mental bread for our imagination to chew and feed on. We discover that we have wings when we open books and we salute the genius in us. Do not read books that will not impact you positively and remember it is your thinking and understanding that makes your reading your own.

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