Growing Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan

No worries to visit a shopping mall,Growing Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan Articles searching for products and waiting in line as everything you can do online from your smartphone. Online hyde bar PK not only saves time, but it is also effortless and brings great convenience to life. Much more, online shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery saves you from various online scams as it provides an easy payment gateway. For buying your everyday groceries and home essentials, there are dozens of online shopping websites and stores in Pakistan.

In this article, we will talk about some popular online shopping websites and online shopping stores so you can be aware of them if not before.

Popular Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Online shopping websites in Pakistan offer you everything; clothes, shoes, electronics, groceries, mobile & car accessories, books, medicines, gadgets and what not you can buy online. However, you should be aware of some popular online shopping websites that carry a good reputation and provide quality products to the customers.


For many years, Goto has been a one-stop online shopping marketplace in Pakistan that brings you a wide array of clothing, electronics, grocery, and household items online which you can purchase from the comfort of your home. If you want to do online shopping in Pakistan cash on delivery, Goto is the perfect place. However, it will deliver your order within 3 to 7 working days of your order placement.


Shophive is one of the top online shops in Pakistan where you can search for your favorite hardware and electronic category and choose the one you look for. It has a variety of local and global brands for a wide range of products such as mobile, TV, cameras, appliances, video games and more. With Shophive, you can do online shopping Pakistan cash on delivery as they offer different payment methods that suit everyone.

Best Buy Mall
Best Buy Mall is a rapidly growing website for online shopping in Pakistan. This online shopping mall in Pakistan covers a wide category of goods such as apparel, groceries, household products, fresh and hot food, bakery products, books, and medicines. Best Buy Mall is also a hyper-local mall in Pakistan that connects local customers with local sellers and retailers, and supply products at the customer’s doorstep under one hour; thus easing out online shopping PK for common people.
Home Shopping
Home Shopping has been one of the pioneers in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. This online shopping mall in Pakistan enables you to buy different kinds of electronics, gadgets, and apparel under one roof at good rates. Home Shopping also delivers products to customers’ homes. The best thing about home shopping is that it provides a particular warranty which is optional and is bundled with 7 days.

Daraz has been one of the leading online shopping websites in Pakistan. From a wide variety of products consisting of electronics, gadgets, mobile phones, tablets, clothes, shoes, home appliances and grocery, etc, Daraz has it all from various vendors across the country. However, for a few months, people had bad experiences with this online shopping mall in Pakistan, especially with mobile phones and electronics. Therefore, if you want a secure online shopping you need to check the credibility of the vendor at Daraz before placing your order. For placing an order, you can download the Daraz app which is one of the popular online shopping apps Pakistan.

Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan

There are hundreds and thousands of online shopping stores in Pakistan which are either operating independently or are registered at online shopping malls. Here we will list down the top online shopping stores in Pakistan that sell a variety of products. – For online shopping in Pakistan, offers you a variety of goods including clothes, footwear, cosmetics, watches, electronics, food, and more. For online shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery, it is a nice pick.

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