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The good news about hearing loss is it typically isn’t sudden but it does generally occur over a long period of time. The bad news is the fact that it occurs over a long period of time; with people not realizing their lifestyle could be the cause of their slow, but gradual hearing loss.

Taking care of our bodies usually entails diet and exercise. We all know that taking these two things into consideration over a long period of time will do our bodies well. But did you know the same can be said about your hearing? If you regularly expose yourself to loud noises, over time your hearing could become impaired. Making smarter lifestyle decisions today can help you prevent hearing loss tomorrow. Below are a number of things you should do that will help you maintain your hearing.

Avoid Earphones

Earphones have never been the ideal product for your overall hearing, but lately the type of headphones people are using have been extremely detrimental. In-ear audio plugs can cause great damage to your hearing over time. Many people have not only turned to these harmful audio products, but they tend to turn the volume up loudly which is an awful combination for your ears. Try to avoid using headphones all together, but if you must use headphones, use the ones that sit on the outside of your ear and not on the inside. It’s important to note too that you should keep the volume level down low enough so that a person standing next to you can’t hear what you’re listening to.

Wear Earplugs

Wearing earplugs is an excellent decision to make especially if you find yourself at a loud event such as a rock concert or an athletic event in an arena. Being at places such as these leaves you susceptible to the deafening noise often associated with these events. Be prepared the next time you go to a concert or a sporting event with the proper earplugs.

Turn Down the Volume

Be conscience of the volume when you are watching TV. This is an activity many people take in every day, and just a slight increase in volume every day can eventually do your hearing harm. Make an effort to pay attention to the volume level and maintain that level whenever you watch TV. If you find yourself eventually needing to turn the volume up on your TV, it might be a good idea to speak to a professional audiologist.

Following these few simple steps listed above will help you avoid any problems later in life associated with hearing loss. Speak to an audiologist about a hearing test and what options you have if you have experienced a loss in hearing.

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