Simone Page Jones and Miles O’Neil are dear friends and have been for quite some time. In the summer months of last year they found themselves on many an afternoon drinking gin and singing lonesome duets in the backyard. As the months got colder they left the backyard and began recording the songs in Miles’ spare room studio.

They eventually put a rough mix of the album into the hands of Darren Hanlon when he took a loan of Miles’ wonky old piano. Hanlon liked the songs so much he took them to Portland, Oregon to be mixed by renowned engineer Adam Selzer (She and Him, M. Ward, Jolie Holland) at the famed Type Foundry Studios. As well as that, Darren Hanlon recruited a handful of talented Portland musicians to play on the record.

The result is Home In Your Heart, a work of quiet brilliance. Eleven songs of sparse acoustic duets subtly augmented by an old piano, pedal steel and the plunk of a banjo. Set in the folk/country tradition and maintaining at their core an Australian feel both in the lyrics and laconic style, the songs are straight from the heart and tell tales of the things that were, the things that weren’t and everything in between.

In March 2016, Miles and Simone will launch their follow up album, Dance with me for a While. A pulled back affair recorded in a backyard bungalow in Torquay, Victoria. This album stays true to Miles and Simone’s live show, with Miles’ baritone laying to ground for Simone’s soprano to soar.

Miles O’Neil is a musician, actor and founding member of internationally renowned Junkyard band and performance group The Suitcase Royale. Simone Page Jones is an opera singer, cabaret star and creator of the critically acclaimed cabarets The Lovebirds.